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"B" Is for Betsy (Paper Back)"B" Is for Betsy  (Paper Back)Carolyn Haywood's stories about her irrepressible character "Betsy" have not been out of print since they were originally written and now thanks to fantastic new covers, the Betsy quality childrens books will find their way onto the bookshelves of another generation of young readers and into the hearts of a whole new group of children. Betsy is terrified about starting the first grade, but as it turns out school is a great place to be. She learns about tadpoles and the true meaning of Thanksgiving, makes several new friends, and has more fun than she could have ever believed. This is a great childrens story book about beginning the first grade. Ease your child's fears with this classic.
"What's Up With Ella?" Medikidz Explain Diabetes (Superheroes on a Medical Mission) (Library Binding)"What's Up With Ella?" Medikidz Explain Diabetes (Superheroes on a Medical Mission)  (Library Binding)Superheros on a medical mission series. Learn all about diabetes in children. Collect all of these quality childrens books. Great reading for progressing readers.
"What's Up With Sean?" Medikidz Explain Scoliosis (Superheroes on a Medical Mission) (Library Binding)"What's Up With Sean?" Medikidz Explain Scoliosis (Superheroes on a Medical Mission)  (Library Binding)Superheros on a medical mission series. Learn the affects of scoliosis on children. Collect them all. Great quality childrens books for progressing readers.
"Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?" (Paper Back)"Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?"  (Paper Back)World War II is just a blip of background noise for Frankie Wattleson. His life thrives around action packed radio drama programs like "Buck Rodgers" and "The Lone Ranger." Suspense, heroism and thrilling chills, what more could an American boy ask for? Frankie's mom can not believe her sons hobby though.Neither can his teacher, Mrs. Gomez. It all spells trouble for Frankie unless he is disguised as radio super detective Chet Barker, can figure out an idea to save the day. Tune in next time to find out how this hilarious drama unfolds. A quality childrens book to keep you on the edge of your seats.
'MAGINATION (Paper Back)'MAGINATION  (Paper Back)In the middle of a magical night, young Sebastian discovers the endless possibilities of his imagination. Beginning with surfing the wild ocean waves to jousting with medival knights, Sebastian realizes he can do anything that he puts his mind to, if he but believes.
'Round the World: Takashi Sails Home (Hard Cover)'Round the World: Takashi Sails Home  (Hard Cover)After being shanghaied aboard the bark Sindia and surviving a major shipwreck on the New Jersey Shore, a twelve year old Japanese boy finds himself thousands of miles from his home and family. Alone on the hustling and bustling docks of New York City. The year was 1901 and Takashi has made his way to New York's South Street Seaport, determined to find passageway back home. Our resilient young heros adventure continues in this sequel to Takashi's Voyage. Set in a changing world, the end of the age of tall ships. Takashi has become the cabin boy on the Astral and begins another voyage. This one will hopefully be taking him home finally. The book includes a nautical glossary, a cookie recipe and an author's note about the difference between fact and fiction in a historical novel.
'tis The Season (Main Street) (Paper Back)'tis The Season (Main Street)  (Paper Back)Christmas is coming to Camden Falls and Flora and Ruby do not know how they should feel about it. It is their first Christmas with their parents gone and the memories are both happy and sad. Luckily, Flora and Ruby are embraced by people who care really about them. From their grandmother Min to their friends Olivia and Nikki who are dealing with some challenges of their own. There is also an unexpected visitor. Flora and Ruby's aunt, whose presence promises to stir things up. It is going to be a Christmas that nobody will ever soon forget.
'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night...: Why Writers Write (Shockwave: Social Studies) (Library Binding)'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night...: Why Writers Write (Shockwave: Social Studies)  (Library Binding)Combines the themes of science and social studies. Shakes up the learning curriculum with amazing facts that are of interest to this age group and an exciting page layout that challenges readers to discuss and share their knowledge with another person. Helps to build background knowledge and vocabulary through features labeled "Get on the Wavelength" and "High Powered Words" that can be found in the front of the book. Includes a comprehension manager that appears regularly to model and reinforce key comprehension techniques. It also provides links to relevant web sites. Exposes its readers to a variety of different formats and text features.
(Crime Scene Science) The Body as Evidence (Paper Back)(Crime Scene Science) The Body as Evidence  (Paper Back)If there is one subject guaranteed to get students interested in science, it is forensic science. There has been a homicide. A victim has been pronounced dead. The police have sealed off the crime scene and called for the Medical Examiner (M.E.). In The Body as Evidence you get the opportunity to step inside the exciting world of the forensic experts who investigate corpses and skeletons. A super books for kids to put their brain power into motion. Crime Scene Science gives all the facts readers need in an explosive, magazine style layout. Every page is filled with fascinating pictures, interesting sidebars and lively text, all of which challenges readers to think like a crime scene scientist.
(george) (Paper Back)(george)  (Paper Back)Only Howard Carr and his older brother, Ben can give an answer to that question. Because only they know who George is. George is the silly little man who lives inside Ben, helping him to navigate life as a sixth grader. Who also happens to be a scientific genius and who just loves to be studying organic chemistry with students much older than he is. A quality childrens books that will capture your most creative imagination. One of those students is William Hazlitt, a senior who has been Ben's lab buddy in years past. William's interest in chemistry has taken a mysterious turn and Ben has a plan to come and save him. That is when things get very complicated for Howard, Ben and George.
. . . If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King (Paper Back). . . If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King  (Paper Back)This books for kids discusses the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Full color illustrations and an informative question and answer dialogue help kids to learn what it was like to be part of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, stage a sit in at a lunch counter, join the famous March on Washington, and much more.
1-2-3 Draw Horses: A Step-By-Step Guide (1-2-3 Draw) (Paper Back)1-2-3 Draw Horses: A Step-By-Step Guide (1-2-3 Draw)  (Paper Back)From draft to dressage, young artists will find the horse of their dreams in Freddie Levin's latest, childrens books, 1-2-3 Draw Horses. Following the clear, step-by-step format that has made the other kids books in this series so popular, Horses includes just about every type of horse a child can imagine, from circus to rodeo horses, Mustang, Palomino, Arabian, Appaloosa ... even horse relatives such as a donkey and a zebra! Each drawing starts with simple shapes and ends in full color.
10 Experiments Your Teacher Never Told You About: Gravity (Paper Back)10 Experiments Your Teacher Never Told You About: Gravity  (Paper Back)Try out fun and informative experiments! This title introduces you to fun and exciting experiments you can try on your own at home.
100 Days and 99 Nights (Hard Cover)100 Days and 99 Nights  (Hard Cover)Aside from the military families that this book serves, readers who wonder what it would be like if their mother, father, brother or sister was sent away will relate to Esme's quiet strength and candor and will understand her worry about what could happen. This story has the potential to speak to readers on a personal level and to turn a concept that seems so hard to grasp, war into one that feels much more personal. A touching books for kids.
100 Things Guys Need To Know (Paper Back)100 Things Guys Need To Know  (Paper Back)Boys need and want advice on all kinds of issues, for all kinds of questions and concerns. To them, it seems that most self help kids books are written for girls. Everything about this books for kids is for and about guys. Graphic-novel-style illustrations engage even reluctant readers. Quotes from real boys, results from a nationwide survey, stories, and facts keep them interested. Prompts invite boys to think about each topic.
1001 Cranes (Hard Cover)1001 Cranes  (Hard Cover)When 12 year old Angela Kato arrives in L.A., the last thing she wants to do is spend the entire summer with her grandparents, but in the Kato family, one is never permitted to complain. Grandma Michi and Aunt Janet put Angela to work in their flower shop, folding origami and creating 1001 crane displays for newlyweds. At first, Angela learns the trade begrudgingly, but when her folding skills improve and her relationships with family and friends grow, Angela is able to cope with her troubles.
101 Great Science Experiments: REVISED EDITION (Hard Cover)101 Great Science Experiments: REVISED EDITION  (Hard Cover)Make science fun with 101 exciting step-by-step experiments that are safe and easy to do at home. Science writer Neil Ardley shows how you can use everyday objects to discover the basic principles of science and understand how these apply to the world around you. So if you want to make a volcano erupt, see around corners, find out how your eyes work, or build an electromagnet, this fascinating childrens books will show you how.
101+ Secrets, Facts, And Buzz About The Stars (High School Musical) (Paper Back)101+ Secrets, Facts, And Buzz About The Stars (High School Musical)  (Paper Back)Find out everything you've ever wanted to know about Zack, Ashley, Vanessa, Corbin, and all of the stars of the hit made for TV movie, High School Musical!
24 Games You Can Play on a Checker Board (Paper Back)24 Games You Can Play on a Checker Board  (Paper Back)You're in for hours of fun with this new little book 24 Games You Can Play on a Checkerboard. Whether you are playing checkers from different countries like Turkey, France, and Japan or beating your opponent at Horseshoe, Box the Fox, or Hey! Get Outta My Line, you'll have a great time playing different games with different rules. You can even play a quiet game of Solitaire Pyramid Checkers all by yourself. Bet you did not know there were so many things you could do with a checkerboard.
A Lucky Luke Adventure : Ghost TownA Lucky Luke Adventure : Ghost TownAs he roams with his horse, Jolly Jumper, always seeking new adventures, Lucky Luke meets two suspicious characters, Denver Miles and Colorado Bill.
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