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This category has a great selection of Childrens Story Books. You will find Little Kids Books as they begin to get interested in books. We also supply Books For Babies to stimulate their minds at an early age.
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"More More More," Said the Baby Board Book (Caldecott Collection)"More More More," Said the Baby Board Book (Caldecott Collection)Gouache paintings illustrate the love between three children, Little Guy, Little Pumpkin and Little Bird and the adults in their lives. Little Guy's daddy grabs him up to swing him around and kiss his tummy which makes him cry "more, more, more." Little Pumpkin's grandma loves to give his toes attention, and Little Bird's mama loves her sleepy, tired little eyes. A visual celebration of family connections. This quality childrens book is an Caldecott Honor Book. .
"Stand Back," Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!" (Hard Cover)"Stand Back," Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!"  (Hard Cover)The last time the elephant had to sneeze, he blew the monkeys out of the trees, stripes right off the zebra and spots flew off of the leopard. This hilarious new edition of the favorite non-sense verse again shows the panic that will follow the elephants scary announcement. This high quality childrens books comes highly recommended by ChildrensBooks2U.
1 2 3 (Usborne Baby Board Books)1 2 3 (Usborne Baby Board Books)This delightful series of kids board books has been specially designed to introduce very young children to important concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, animals and things that go... Each bright, friendly picture has a familiar object to point to, name and talk about. This quality childrens book is sure to entertain babies and toddlers not mention adults.
1 Baby, 2 Cats, 3 Trucks: My Counting Book (Board Book)1 Baby, 2 Cats, 3 Trucks: My Counting Book  (Board Book)One big baby, with Mom and Dad close by. Two kitty cats, stretching and scratching on the carpet. Three trucks, rolling down the open road. Four hats for a cold winter’s day. (The snowman wears one also!) Brightly colored, with a wonderfully graphic style, this quality childrens book with numbers will teach little ones to count from 1 to 10 just like that. Each picture bursts with energy, from the five dogs on the run to the ten bare toes standing in front of ten dancing ants. David Diehl’s unique illustrations will draw kids back again and again. An awesome books for kids.
1 Hunter (Paper Back)1 Hunter  (Paper Back)1 hunter walks through the jungle. He does not see 2 elephants or 3 giraffes. But they see him! In this quality childrens books what is the hunter to do? 1 hunter stumbles through the jungle, he does not see the 2 elephants or the 3 giraffes or the 4 ostriches, but they are watch him in a great counting book.
1 Is One (Hard Cover)1 Is One  (Hard Cover)1 is one duckling swimming in a dish, 2 is two sisters making a wish…. Celebrated author and illustrator of quality childrens books Tasha Tudor invites the youngest of readers to count life's simple joys in this delightful reissue of her 1957 Caldecott Honor book. Rhyming verse and pictures introduce the numbers from one to twenty. A great kids books for youngsters learning to count.
1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi: A Mississippi Numbers Book Edition 1. (Count Your Way Across the USA) (Hard Cover)1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi: A Mississippi Numbers Book Edition 1. (Count Your Way Across the USA)  (Hard Cover)"1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi" is a fitting follow up to its companion, states alphabet book. This fun, colorful and greatly informative childrens book teaches children about numbers using recognizable places, events and facts from their respective states. Numbers throughout this kids book are explained with simple rhyme for younger children and are accompanied by detailed expository text for progressing learners.
1 Teddy Bear: A Counting Book (Boxer Concept Series) (Board Book)1 Teddy Bear: A Counting Book (Boxer Concept Series)  (Board Book)Kids can count the teddy bears (from one to ten) as these cuddly creatures go about their everyday activities. One’s all alone, two are on the phone, three are dressed in blue, four are waving at YOU! The simple, graphic design makes the numbers easy to read and shows off the irresistible cute bears. One of the cutest childrens books that you will ever find.
1, 2, 3 by Elmo (Board Book)1, 2, 3 by Elmo  (Board Book)Elmo loves numbers so much that he wrote and illustrated this childrens books all about them! In this book, Elmo invites toddlers to help him count his favorite things from 1 to 10. And he has drawn (with a teensy bit of help) lots of colorful pictures to go with the simple text, from 1 yellow sun and 2 new blue shoes to 9 lovely flowers and 10 shining stars. Elmo makes counting fun! This kids books will make learning to count exciting for your little one.
1, 2, 3, Go! (Hard Cover)1, 2, 3, Go!  (Hard Cover)Bright colors and bold shapes make the logic behind the picture words clear. Readers learn that the characters for words such as "push" and "carry," which are actions that involve the use of hands, include the basic character for "hand." The picture words for actions done with the feet, such as kicking and dancing, all include the basic character for "foot."
1, 2, I Love You (Hard Cover)1, 2, I Love You  (Hard Cover)Inspired by the traditional favorite, Alice Schertle's irresistible counting rhyme sings and swings along, while Caldecott-winning Emily Arnold McCully's radiant watercolors perfectly capture all the playfulness and tender affection between parent and child. A joyful romp sure to be read again and again, memorized, and cherished. A childrens books that your kids will love. This is a unique book for kids.
1-2-3 God Made Me (Board Book)1-2-3 God Made Me  (Board Book)Little ones journey through the land of numbers in this sunny board book populated with critters from The Land of Milk and Honey?. From 1 to 10, sweet and simple rhymes introduce youngsters to the wonders of the world, their own one of a kindness, the beauty of Creation, the love they share with family and friends. The book celebrates all things special to a child’s heart, hugs and rainbows, treats and play, while giving a glimpse of God’s loving care.
10 Button Book (Board Book)10 Button Book  (Board Book)Little kids love to count. Little kids love counting books, too. And little kids also love manipulatives- tactile objects disguised as educational tools that are pleasing to the touch and a joy to play with. Now add them together, and the result is the all-but irresistible 10 Button Book. A childrens books that will keep your child entertained for hours while educating them at the same time. One of the most awesome kids books that has been seen.
10 Color Book (Board Book)10 Color Book  (Board Book)It's a childrens books. It's a toy. It's a kids books to play with. It's an education. (It's a perfect gift.) Kids love colorful, tactile objects they can hold and play with. And they love matching puzzle shapes together. Combine these elements in an ingeniously designed board book from the author of the bestselling 10 Button Book, and the result is an irresistible way to learn colors and shapes.
10 Minutes till Bedtime (Board Book)10 Minutes till Bedtime  (Board Book)The countdown to bedtime is about to begin when a family of hamsters arrives at the front door. "All aboard," shouts the child's pet hamster, and it's off to the kitchen for a snack, to the bathroom for tooth brushing, to the bedroom for a story. Then just as the child starts to read, more hamsters stream through the front door and the escapades accelerate as the countdown continues. Now in a sturdy board book format, this favorite bedtime childrens books is ready for a younger audience. A kids
12 Ways to Get to 11 (Aladdin Picture Books) (Paper Back)12 Ways to Get to 11 (Aladdin Picture Books)  (Paper Back)1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 __ 12 What happened to 11? Is it in the magician's hat? Maybe it's in the mailbox or hiding in the jack-o'-lantern? Don't forget to look in the barnyard where the hen awaits the arrival of her new little chicks. Could that be where eleven went? Eve Merriam and Bernie Karlin take young readers on a counting adventure as they demonstrate twelve witty and imaginative ways to get to eleven. A different childrens books that will inspire thinking in your youngsters mind.
123 Boston: A Cool Counting Book123 Boston: A Cool Counting BookCurious children learn to count to 10 using some of Boston's most memorable symbols and landmarks. The USS Constitution, the Boston Red Sox, the swan boats and the city's famous Boston Marathon.
50 Below Zero (Paper Back)50 Below Zero  (Paper Back)Jason's dad tends to walk in his sleep and ends up in the most unlikely places. On one especially cold night it falls to Jason to find his father and keep him safe. The humorous illustrations are large and colorful with a page of text facing each one.
A Apple PieA Apple PieLook for the little butterfly in the picture where B bit it. Find the fox on the page where F fought for it. Discover many delightful details in these enchanting pictures each time the book is read.
A Black Cat: An ABC Book (Board Book)A Black Cat: An ABC Book  (Board Book)Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun! Each spread features not just one but two, three, or four letters, and words that begin with them. These words colored to stand out and catch the child’s eye, then appear in an amusing and delightfully illustrated sentence. A, B, C is for ant, berry, cat (“An ant carries a berry past a black cat”), while X, Y, and Z reveal that “A xylophone is played by a yak and a zebra.”
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